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I, Rita Osborne, founded Serene Moments to give people a wonderful experience in a beautiful relaxing garden studio. I aim to give an outstanding, and affordable service no matter what your needs.

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years, gaining a position of National fitness manager to one of the larges health clubs in Europe. I attained a variety of fitness and massage qualifications during this period.

In 2004 I felt I needed a different direction, I trained with Tera Mia Reiki,Seichem to masters level, I felt I was on the right path. It was at this time a started yoga, I found it so amazing I knew I had to share it with others by becoming a teacher. I attended Sun Power Yoga training school, I trained 200hrs and 500hrs with them. I then attended a assessors course to be the SPY schools assessor which has enabled me to teach and assess all over the world.

 My Holistic journey had truly began. I am a member of Yoga Alliance USA which is the oldest, most well recognize accreditation world wide.

My latest qualification is in Sound therapy. I attend the Suara Sound Acadamy where I was taught how to use the tuning forks and how the sound frequencies can heal the body mind and spirit on many levels. 

I feel blessed to be living in the Lincolnshire countryside, and having my own yoga studio in my lovely garden. i enjoy teaching Yoga, and holding retreats and workshops throughout the year.

My work is truly amazing, Thank you.




our services 

You can enjoy a treatment from a range of holistic therapies.
The sessions are relaxing, allowing you to feel rested whilst releasing stress and tension from the body. Read the wonderful testimonial's from my clients on our testimonials page.

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I offer bespoke weekly yoga and meditation classes, maximum 8 people, i also offer 1 to 1 yoga sessions, these are tailored to your specific needs and wants. 

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The Reiki, Seichem training courses, will teach you how to work with energy, you will clear any emotional blockages by self healing to allow you to channel the energy smoothly. It will open you further and work on your self development.

It is amazing what is possible through holistic treatments, yoga and meditation.

Free consultations are available.

Being able to work with such amazing therapies is a real gift, I thank all my trainers for their time and their knowledge and for sharing it with me.

It is now for me to share with as many people as I can to give them an amazing time, a wonderful experience and allow them to see that you can move through obstacles and heal the body and mind.

Hope to meet you soon




Retreats & Workshops

Our retreats weekends take place throughout the year at my new home in Lincolnshire.

The retreats we offer include, yoga, meditation and philosophy. holistic healing & sound therapy and creative work to clear, cleanse and balance the body mind and soul, and much more.

Our workshops are custom designed to delve into the individual aspects of yoga giving a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art.  Workshops will give you more knowledge of the asanas (postures) pranayama (breathing techniques) and mudras (hand gestures). Some will use restorative yoga asanas and sound to give a complete relaxation experience to healing to cleanse the soul.

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My new address is:

The Poplars,

Kirkby Lane

Tattershall Thorpe,