Holistic therapies


Suara Sound Healing

This treatment uses Sacred Universal Sounds to clear cleanse and balance the mind body and soul.

These sacred tones will bring back health and happiness,  bringing healing on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Treatments will not only relax and relieve stress and anxiety they may also promote cell regeneration, DNA Awakening and enlightenment, give pain relief, increased movement, increased energy, release pain and trauma past, present and Karmic, give clarity and mind focus.

This treatment is truly amazing!!!

1 treatment £35

3 treatments £97

6 treatments 180

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This powerful treatment will leave you feeling completely rested, letting go of stress and tension. This healing works on both the emotional and physical levels, releasing blocked energy to balance the body’s energy flow. It boosts the immune system and aids restful sleep.

1 hour treatment - £30

3 x 1 hour treatment - £82



Indian Head Massage

This relaxing treatment massages the head, face, upper back and shoulders. Taking away the stress and tension of the day. This soothing treatment detoxes the body, helps prevent migraines and promotes freedom of movement whilst stimulating hair growth.

40 minute treatment - £25

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for all cancellations or full payment will apply.

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