Reiki / Seichem Training Course


New dates:

First degree attunement course

November 11th - day 1

December 2nd  - day 2

Tera-Mai Reiki Seichem healing is a powerful system, both Reiki and Seichem healing methods were rediscovered in ancient Sanskrit texts and have been used for centuries traditionally from Japan and ancient Egypt.

This healing system is a very powerful tool for self development and enhances your own natural ability to heal yourself and healing others through treatments. 

In order to channel this wonderful energy you must be attuned by a qualified Reiki Seichem master.

 Courses run throughout the year, please contact me for more information, see course dates on the events page.

There are 3 levels of Reiki Seichem, course cost are as follows. 

First Degree - £150.00 

Second Degree - £200.00 

Masters Degree - £350.00

A 50% deposit is required on booking your course.