Sun Power Yoga


Sun Power Yoga

This style of yoga blends three distinct forms and traditions of  yoga practice.

These are:-

Hatha for technique and alignment.

Sivananda for subtle mind and bodywork.

Ashtanga for heat, flexibility, strength and stamina.

Breath in and absorb the Power of the Sun!

Slow Flow Yoga

This form of hatha yoga is gentle on your body, flowing gracefully in and out of postures.

It is excellent for keeping joints mobile and muscles active.

The breath focus with movement will aid the release of tension and pain.

1 to 1 sessions

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call 07814 007 996

These sessions are designed specifically for the individual, concentrating on your needs and devised according to your requirements.

There are many benefits of yoga, working on calming the mind to aid relaxation and to reduce stress. Breathing techniques play a big part in this and allows you to make the most of your body and mind.

The postures will tone your body and help you increase strength and stamina, whilst lengthening the muscle to bring increase flexibility. This reduces the aches and pains of the body and benefits joint movement. Yoga is for everyone the result are amazing!

1 hour  - £30

1 hour 30 mins - £35



Weekly Classes

Tuesday        6.30pm - 7.55pm     Sun Power Yoga

Wednesday 9.30am - 11.55am    Slow Flow Yoga

Thursday     10.00am - 11.25am  Sun Power Yoga

Thursday      6.00pm - 7.25pm    Slow Flow Yoga

Thursday      7.30pm - 8.55pm     Sun Power Yoga

Book your class today and change your life!

Bespoke  classes maximum 8 people

Yoga classes £7 per person

Block bookings

4 classes £25

The Poplars

kirkby Lane

Tattershall Thorpe




Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training

Anne Marie Newland is the founder of Sun Power Yoga 

The school has over 10 years of teacher training.

I am the schools former assessor and student liaison officer.

Teacher training courses in the UK and abroad.

I along with Anne Marie own the OM the ball teacher training, 

this is yoga on a fitness ball.

For more information on Yoga teacher training,

Aqua Yoga. visit: sun-power-yoga


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