Sound Healing: I have now had three sound healing sessions with Rita. I had different feelings and sensations with each session. They all  made feel deeply relaxed, like in a meditive state. I felt calm and peaceful throughout each session. In the 1st session I felt releasing from my body and a sense of being balanced, a good release of emotion followed. The next session Rita focused on my ankle which I have been suffering with, the vibrations moved deep through my body and my foot began to twitch, then I felt a sudden release, I had no pain for the rest of the week. The 3rd session took me into a deeper relaxation, to a different level, I felt bathed in the Sacred Sounds, opening my mind and heart to a new level. I recommend this treatment to anyone with fears, anxiety or physical pain, they will be amazed at how the vibrations can release blockages and raise ones vibrations. I am truly grateful to Rita, this has been an enlightening journey, which I am going to continue with. Deep Peace. Thank you!


Reiki treatments with Rita are nothing short of magical! I booked originally because I was feeling tired, run down and stressed. After one treatment I felt so different and slept really well that night. Now I just book for maintenance. I see it as investing time in my well being. Rita is very powerful with her Reiki ability and always so kind and caring. She is an angel!


Yoga and Raw Food Retreat

What an eye opener! i arrived on the Friday feeling stressed out, bloated and after a McDonald's at lunchtime, exhausted with no energy. 

The Yoga, great for relaxation and breathing....... i found new muscles i have not used before, and was amazed that i could do things i never thought i could. 

Raw Food & Veggie Demos, i can honestly say the food was delicious. i haven't missed meat at all, i feel cleansed and no longer bloated. The demonstrations where superb and so easy to follow, i cant wait to try them out.

I loved every minute and wished it was for a week, i will definitely be on the November one.


Sound Healing: I struggle to relax and let go of thoughts, my breathing is shallow and hoped this session would help me. I found the use of sound relaxed me almost straight away and I was able to focus on the sounds easily and let all other thoughts pass. I was in such a deep relaxed state. I could feel the vibrations in my feet and hips. I could also feel releases of energy which I would describe as 'bubbles popping' in my nose and 'gurgling sounds from my tummy all the way through my body. I felt myself breath deeply. Rita also worked on my back as I had pulled a muscle. Although some of the pressure used from the vibration fork was uncomfortable I could feel the release of pain from my back and by the end of the day my pain had almost gone completely. Once the session was over I felt peaceful and grounded. Thank you Rita!



Indian head massage & Yoga: After having suffered with extreme pain in my neck and shoulders for over 15 years I was recommended to Rita for massage therapy by my sister. Rita has helped me beyond my greatest expectations as I’m pleased to say that I am now pain free the majority of the time. I see Rita for regular maintenance which helps keep my aches and pains under control. I have also started attending one of her yoga classes which I also believe helps my condition. I would and have, recommended Rita to anyone. Not only is Rita a gifted therapist she’s also a really lovely person.


 Retreats & Workshops

I have attended Rita's retreats and workshops. The retreats are wonderful, you leave feeling completely refreshed, a new person.

The yoga and sound retreat help me a greatly with an issue that was getting me down. when i confronted the issue i was delighted at how it turned out, i feel so much happier an healthier. Thank you.

Rita's workshops teach you so much, i have learned a lot more about the postures and breath and the real benefits, in fact the detox with a twist session has given me a better arm position, obtaining a deeper twist which i have found has eased my IBS, Thank you so much Rita.



Yoga: One to one yoga sessions with Rita are an excellent way to build your inner confidence, hone your moves and relax on a weekly basis. The benefits of one to one sessions are numerous but the special attention Rita gives every posture ensures that you get the maximum results whilst knowing you are doing them correctly.

I have benefited greatly during my one to one sessions with Rita, not only her attention to every yoga posture but with the different types of breathing which have helped on a daily basis.

I love the fact that Rita has many talents including Reiki, Indian head massage and sound therapy and will happily change at the last minute to accommodate how I am feeling. I always leave feeling energized yet relaxed.



WORKSHOP Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Thank you for a blissful afternoon and a great nights sleep. You created a wonderful atmosphere that hit me the minute you entered the room, (the more remarkable as I only noticed at the end of the session, that there was a gym next door). Almost immediately as you started the sounds I felt a scratching on my throat, as if a thread was touching my skin. I had to touch my neck to check! My asthma has been quite bad because of a cold. I woke up this morning feeling a lot clearer. I slept very deeply with no coughing fits in the night. I know it is a result of yesterday. I felt amazingly light after the session, like something had been scraped away, physically & emotionally. also I felt rested but energized. at home though sleepy read, I was surprised how much I could concentrate. in the session your oratory was very powerful & resonated deeply. For me I felt the alien whisper of confidence. Thank you Rita!